August 3, 2020

The two riders for the Monster Energy team won today the Grand Final of the National Circuit kölbi presented by the Board of Social Protection in a wave that exceeded the size of the previous days of an event that started from the previous Friday.

After a surf and music festival in Playa Hermosa de Jacó, today near noon before the eyes of hundreds of people who came to Playa Hermosa to witness the finals and semifinals, two of the best and most regular of the date were made of gold with combinations of 13.53 and 11.97.

And beware, this last one made the girl from Avellanas take over the biggest female check for combining better than her rivals and did it in the final. The local Santa Teresa, Olman Morales, became unreachable from yesterday, after his 17.66 in the quarterfinals.

Today Noe Mar broke with six years of drought in the Open. In April 2013, Santa Teresa had won its first and only CNS date, that is, today it reached its second win in the history of its participations.

In the final, he overwhelmingly defeated Olman Morales, Jason Torres and Alvaro Solano, a 44-year-old surfer who reached the final breaking the age record in a heat of the highest category.

For her part Rubiana, she won the pulse to Julissa Matamoros, Rubiana Brownell, Paulina Summers and Indiana Ferri.

Highlight the competitors of 16-year-old Sam Reidy and Rubiana Brownell, who each made two categories. In the case of Rubiana, she won five titles in just two years.

That’s how the 19th season of the Championship ended and only 6 months after both the Surf Federation and the National Surfing Circuit reached its 20th anniversary.

In January 2020, the championship promises to return.By Carlos Brenes

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