August 3, 2020

This week one of the largest Costa Rican participations for a World Surf League event is traveling to California in order to face the US Open where there will be 11 Ticos, plus four other representations in the WQS 6,000 Oceanside points.

At the US Open, the biggest event of the year for the number of categories that come in will be represented in the four open categories: Open, Women’s Open, Junior Pro and Junior Pro Women.

In the case of the Women’s Open for the US Open, it will be the first event that delivers 10,000 points in the history of the league. That is, those competitors of the WQS that reach the last rounds, will bring them closer to the dream of classifying or reclassifying the WCT next year

Even before the US Open, 6,000 Oceanside will be run, that is, 16,000 points will distribute the league for them in less than 10 days.

The story marks that the best result of a Costa Rican in these fair was Carlos Muñoz, when he reached the semifinals of the US Open in 2017 before the eyes of thousands of people on the beach and millions of others for the live broadcast. By Carlos Brenes

The complete list of the people in California for events is as follows.

US OPEN WQS and JUNIOR PRO Aug 27 to Aug 4

Axel Castro (Junior)

Malakai Martinez (Junior)

Aaron Ramirez (Junior)

Sam Reidy (Junior and QS)

Cedric McCrakin (Junior)

Rubiana Brownell (Junior and QS)

Paulina Summers (Junior and QS)

Eva Woodland (Junior and QS)

Carlos Muñoz (QS)

Breeze Hennessy (QS)

Leilani McGonagle (QS)


Breeze Hennessy

Leilani McGonagle

Paulina Summers

Eva Woodland

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