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San Clemente Kids, Cole Houshmand and Kirra Pinkerton Win There First Pro Jr and Donate the Money Back To #livelikezander
Cole Houshmand Wins in last 30 seconds of the heat to take to win in a exciting finish and his first Pro Jr Win it is safe to say you will be seeing alot more of Cole, while Kirra Pinkerton Starts with a 9.5 and never looked back to take her first Pro Jr Win. Click on the link to read all about Live Like Zander Jr Pro Barbados
November 15, 2017
Fourteen-year-old Kirra Pinkerton made her long-awaited debut — and it was well worth it. – WSL
But, it was wildcard Kirra Pinkerton who lived up to the position and eliminated Anderson’s travel partner, and former CT competitor Paige Hareb. The 14-year-old picked apart the Drill Hall Beach lineup in her debut heat with a last-minute 8.30 to advance under an in-form Brisa Hennessy and continued to show her competitive prowess against some of the world’s best. “That was really sketch after seeing Brisa [Hennessy] get the second wave of the set and I just paddled out hoping there was another one,” Pinkerton said. “When it came I knew I just had to surf it to its potential. I’m really comfortable on my backhand after working with Jimmy Hogan and he’s been helping a lot with my bottom-to-top turns out here — along with where to sit in the lineup so it’s really great.”
April 18, 2017
Chelsea Tuach With a Victory in the Shoe City Pro
“It feels so good to start off the year with a win after feeling a lot of nerves at the end of last year so this is amazing,” Tuach said. “It was great to surf my way through some rounds and I had a lot of confidence going into that final already having a few heats under my belt. I felt like I was in a good rhythm with a good game plan and it all fell into place, just like old times.””I’ll stay in California for awhile and get some training in while working on some boards with Michael Barron before heading over to Australia for those QS6,000’s,” Tuach continued. “I’ll be working on my technique more than anything — no heat strategy, nothing like that, just get my form really dialed in. I’m feeling fresh again for those events which feels great and can’t wait to get the year really off and running.
January 16, 2017
Ethan Ewing Clinches Biggest Win of His QS Career Winning Costa Rica
A runner-up at the Vans US Open and Quarterfinal at the Ballito Pro 10,000 events were no where near as sweet as Ethan Ewing’s first QS3,000 event win at the Essential Costa Rica Open Pro – WSL / Johan Pacheco Ewing had to overcome a heavyweight bout in the Semifinals against Costa Rican Noe Mar McGonagle and began that heat with another near-perfect 9.00 on his backhand after taking down Frederico Morais in the Quarterfinals. McGonagle fought back with his backhand and forehand attacks on separate occasions, but couldn’t earn the 7.01 needed to top Ewing for a shot at the Final.
October 18, 2016

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